I normally register my domain names through Dotster, but I keep hearing good things about GoDaddy.com, plus they’re cheap. I spotted a new domain name that I wanted, so I went and tried to register for it. After I picked the domain name, they immediately offered me an added cost option. I actually accepted it. Then they asked me if I wanted to see more offers. I agreed to do so, since it was my first time there, and man there were a bunch of them. I skipped over them all and went to the next page, which offered me one more thing. I declined, and was finally shown my shopping cart.

I came to the site to register a domain name for $8.95. The shopping cart total was almost $50. They had gone ahead and signed me up to register the .net, .org, .info and maybe even more variants of my domain name. There were some other things as well. That’s when I closed my browser window. I can hardly stand it when I buy something at a store and they ask if I want the extended warranty, GoDaddy’s barrage of extras was just too much to take.