Steve Levy has written an article about the fact that the blogosphere (I hate that term) is dominated by white males. I don’t have a solution to propose, but I do find it interesting is that this debate is as old as weblogs themselves. Way back in olden times (early 1999), in the pre-Blogger era, Cameron Barrett (I think) proposed that some of the people who were blogging at the time work together to come up with some interesting weblog-oriented project. Anyway, a mailing list was started, and before long, we invited Peter Merholz to join us. His first question was, why are there no women on this list? There were some female webloggers at the time, and we did invite some of them to join us at that point. We never did come up with a project to work on.

Anyway, my point is that despite the fact that everyone involved in this project was liberal and open minded, we still didn’t think to invite any women, or even notice that a lack of female participation was a problem. I wish I knew why that was.