So yesterday I’m driving in my car, and I hear an ad from this church on the local rock station making a specious argument attempting to refute evolution in 30 seconds, and basically saying that people who don’t believe in creation are a sign of the end times. For an example of their anti-science propaganda, visit their media player. Track 991 explains that “evolution is not science.” Number 54 offers a mathematic justification for human life on earth going back only 4000 years. Number 63 argues that evolution is impossible because the Sun isn’t as old as it’s claimed to be. Number 67 argues that the discovery of a living Coelacanth verifies the Genesis account of creation. And number 73 is the ad I heard on the radio. Number 42, “Twin Towers Hell” also has a lot to offer in terms of sheer offensiveness, although not on the subject of evolution. If I run into pastor Henry Vandegriff on the street, I believe we might have to fight.