Once again my grandiose plans of creating the ultimate weblog software have been stymied by a busy life and other interests. My intention has been to write something cool based on Ruby on Rails, but I see that I haven’t gotten around to it. Work has been busy, and hey, have I mentioned how cool Netflix is? Anyway, my latest idea is to migrate this site to WordPress, for two reasons. The first being that someone else has already written it, so I don’t have to. The second is that it wouldn’t involve migrating everything on my site to a Web host with first class Ruby on Rails support (or worse, some kind of standalone server or virtual server that I would have to manage myself). I have been with pair.com for about 9 years, and needless to say I’m pretty comfortable with them. The third is that even as I intend to learn Ruby on Rails, I have been honing my PHP skills to a fine edge involuntarily for work. So today it would be much easier for me to hack on WordPress to make it do my bidding than it would be to write something from the ground up in Ruby on Rails. So that’s looking like the path of least resistance today.