Well, my bake off of blogging tools has sort of been hibernating for the past couple of weeks for no particular reason. That being said, I’m declaring a winner — Movable Type. The only question now is whether to wait for Movable Type 3.2 or to go ahead and migrate now and then upgrade when it’s released.

Why Movable Type? The short answer is that MT supports multiple weblogs. I was under the impression that everybody did at this point, but that isn’t the case. None of the other tools seem to offer any compelling features that Movable Type does not offer, and I don’t have a strong aversion to using tools that aren’t open source. Besides, given the level of effort I’ve put into comparing weblogging tools, the odds of my contributing to any of the open source tools are low, at least right now. So Movable Type it is.

Next step — building templates.