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World of Warcraft dupe bug

Players have discovered (and exploited) a dupe bug in World of Warcraft. This is the worst kind of problem to have in any multiplayer game. A few abusers can destroy the economy of a game in hours (literally) by adding huge amounts of illicit cash into the economy. Interestingly, the gaming community seems eager to blame Chinese farmers for the problem, but I think it was almost certainly American ingenuity.

Blizzard hasn’t announced how they’re going to resolve the problem yet, but given the scope it seems like it’s going to be painful for them and the player base. (I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to roll the servers back a week or so, which would be really painful.)


  1. I only recently started playing World of Warcraft and my first character is in the low 20s. I have a long way to go before I have a strong character.

    The cheating doesn’t bother me as much as the senseless ambushing and killing of low-level characters by high-level characters. I can be minding my own business trying to complete a quest and I can be attacked by a high-level member of the other faction.

    I understand that it used to be a lot worse and this is the reason Blizzard opened the Battlegrounds servers, so it’s really pointless and stupid for high-level characters to be running around low-level areas killing members of the competing factions. It some ways this just ruins the game for me and makes me want to quit.

  2. It sounds like you’re playing on a PVP server. If you play on a normal server, such ganking isn’t possible. (I play on a normal server, but I want to try a PVP server at some point.)

  3. Interesting — because Blizzard had this exact problem with the original Diablo.

  4. That problem can be easily solved by playing on a PVE server. AS for battlegrounds they are fun to a point, sometime ganking lowbies is just something you want to do. It is something that happens often and you can look forward to doing it when you get to your upper 40s (when i started). As long as the person doesnt camp your body there isnt a problem with it (and camping is not a bannable offense)

  5. I play a PVP Server, i’m a 60 warrior. I have no problems with higher levels attempting to gank my lower lever, because i always park my 60 where my lower level is going to be. 🙂 That always stops them from coming back..

  6. i have lvl 67 hunter and i have 20 hunter he does not kill many pepole but he strong and if i kill say a lvvl 24 monster and a horde see me they might be lvl 15 but they have to get a lvl 30+ and i laugh because they have to get higher lvl to kill me and i put my lvl 67 near so when they are there i log out and into my lvl 67 and murder them and they call me feeble just coz i killed them with a lvl 67 but they feeble because they have to kill me with a lvl 30+ and 15 so i dont take greif off nobody and i play PVP

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