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Stylesheet updated

I’ve updated the style sheet for the site, with an assist from Anil Dash, who fixed the font and colors so that this site more closely resembles the old one.

One of the next big things on the list is updating the comments template so that what is allowed is clearly explained. Right now, basically nothing is allowed, but I’m going to ease up on that since everything is moderated anyway.

By the way, how annoying is it that when you’re using the QuickPost form, if you navigate through the fields with the tab key, you get to the “Cancel” key before you get to the “Save” key? I just had an unpleasant experience with that.


  1. Thank god! It was very disorienting.. having made this a daily stop for something like 5 years, the blue was really strange!

  2. like the new look, and love the comments! conversations, ho!


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