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Inside joke

If you read Jim Kunstler’s Web site, you’ll probably find his comment on Harry Shearer as humorous as I do:

So Shearer was on the radio and I’m not crazy about his show because he puts across a self-congratulatory air of moral superiority that, after a while, gets on my nerves.


  1. In some ways, Kuntsler calling anyone “self-congratulatory” is like the pot calling the kettle black. I say this as someone who reads his column week after week.

    As for Harry Shearer, I cannot listen to le Show without imagining the whole thing delivered by Principal Skinner.

  2. Oh man. JHK ran me off years ago. Even his first book on planning reads a little shrill to me now.

  3. He is utterly and completely shrill and yet I love him for it. Whenever I read his articles on the impending collapse of American society, I always correct for the fact that this is his desired outcome. I think we need voices in the wilderness like his to sort of frame the parameters of debate. He makes the rest of us seem downright reasonable.

  4. I enjoyed the Bruce Sterling annotated Kunstler that Patrick posted [http://www.viridiandesign.org/2005/07/viridian-note-00449-mad-max-scenario.html].

    Kunstler appears to hate WalMart and SUVs. I don’t care for those either, but I’m not cheering on the collapse of Western Civilization to be rid of them.

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