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Satellite/aerial photos of Katrina damage

It seems to me that one of the most important tools for people who live in New Orleans is satellite/aerial photography that they can use to see the state of their residences. I’m trying to compile a list of sites with such photos:

Please post any additional similar links in the comments and I’ll add them to this post.


  1. I think they should add another 10 billion in the Federal relief package and build more refineries here in America. After all the whole nation is feeling the gas prices go up as a result of Katrina. The President should have been quicker to act as well as the rest of our always fast acting and honest Governments around the world lol. I remember when gas was 89 cents a gallon and for 10 bucks you could get almost 11 gallons I put 10 bucks into today and got 3 gallons. I am only 27 years old so I am not talking about 1960, 70, or even 80 1990 just almost 8 9 years ago.

  2. Hi. I am trying to see uptown (Irish Channel)… and can’t find it on the satellite photos… seems like they all stop afer teh Crescent City connection. Any suggestions? An email response would be great.

  3. I’m for building more refineries if needed. But . . . Actually, the number of refineries doesn’t matter that much. Building a refinery doesn’t produce any oil. Whatever oil the Saudis, Venezuela, etc decides to produce will be refined somewhere, trust me. We should have a giant tax on sport utes and other gas-guzzling vehicles, say $2,000 for a normal gas guzzler and $10,000 for an excessive guzzler such as a big Hummer. And annual fees for the worst offenders, such as $5,000 a year for that Hummer. Exceptions only for people who can show they need it for their business. These pigs driving around in 5,000+ pound 4-wheel drive trucks in non-snowy places such as Miami FL, Mississippi, Texas (etc) are using them as urban intimidator vehicles and “status” cars. Screw ’em. Make them pay. The combination of this U.S. wastefulness and China’s ascendancy, greatly aided by Bush’s, Bush’s dad’s, and Clinton’s driving of manufacturing jobs towards China, has driven the gas price up. It will never go back to 1999 prices (which is when it was 89 cents, as the previous writer mentioned.) Our gas prices are not as important as what is happening to the climate due to the global warming emissions from these vehicles, as well as the destruction of rain forests and ocean life Worldwide.

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