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Pfizer helps

Pfizer is offering free prescription drugs to Katrina survivors.

I also heard from a friend who told me that Time Warner converted some trucks that they normally use for promotional events to help provide on the scene Internet access to Katrina survivors. The trucks have a satellite link to the Internet and a bunch of terminals inside. Time Warner employees took out all of the promotional stuff, loaded up with food and water, and headed to the disaster zone to help out.

It’s for people like the users of that truck that I’ve been trying to dig up satellite photos and other resources that they can use to find out how their neighborhoods fared in the storm and subsequent flooding.

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  1. Rafe,

    A number of open source GIS hackers have been working to make “stone soup” by aggregating recent government and private imagery acquisitions into a single clearinghouse. Please excuse the rudimentary interface, but folks can type a full address into the “Check my house” link on http://katrina.telascience.org and it will zoom in very close to imagery that NOAA flew on August 31st.

    Remember to type a full address in the box and comma separate the major elements. For example, the address of the Superdome is “1500 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA”


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