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So long, Fink

After watching Fink try to compile 53,000 packages and reading Kellan’s comment on my previous post, I decided to abandon that approach for getting this laptop set up and go for precompiled stuff instead. Here’s a list of the key packages:

  • Subversion client – precompiled binaries are provided by Metissian
  • Apache – comes preinstalled, appears to work fine
  • PHP – version 4.3.11 comes with OS X, you just need to edit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf to turn it on
  • MySQL – official binaries available

That basically gets everything squared away for doing real development on this computer. I’m not sure why I chose not to follow the path of least resistance in the first place. As I mentioned yesterday, I already have Eclipse up and running, so now the only thing that’s left is Tomcat, which I’ll deal with a bit later.


  1. Tomcat just works… untar it whereever you want, and run $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh. (You’ll have to set $CATALINA_HOME of course)

    Works like a charm.

  2. If you need a more fully featured PHP4 (Apple’s has been fairly bare bones) or PHP5, you can download one at http://entropy.ch. Both work with the standard Apache package.

  3. When I moved to Mac OS X, I followed only one advice: Don’t fight the system.

    Why would you want to anyway? It’s so beautifully built.

  4. As a Developer I use MAMP. You can choose between PHP4 and PHP5 and MySQL is also running. Does not even touch 1 System-File. Just Great!!

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