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Blowing it

I just read that at one time, Blockbuster could have bought out NetFlix for $50 million. They chose to do a deal with Enron to distribute video via broadband instead.


  1. Blockbuster’s dead anyway.

    They tried to match NetFlix’s “no late fee” policy and ended up getting hammered (their profit model relies on late fees).

    Hollywood (Cali) refuses to grow a pair of cajones, so they’ll keep pumping out regurgitated garbage that no one wants to see.

    Once someone figures out how to do the movie rental thing on line (delivering movie content to one’s TiVo-like device?), Blockbuster will become the Toys-R-Us of online movie distribution.

  2. The Ongoing Effects of Enron: Blockbuster

    Rafe Coburn mentions that Blockbuster had an opportunity to buy Netflix and turned it down to do a direct-delivery deal…

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