In a bit of a change of pace from the usual content here, I’m posting a job listing. I’m looking for a UI designer/Web developer to design the interface for a brand new content management system implemented using Ruby on Rails. This person will also contribute to the design of the public Web site where the content is published.

Basically what we’re looking for is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript hacker who has top notch user interface design skills. This isn’t a graphic design position, and things like Photoshop skills aren’t really necessary. We have the back end skills already, we just need someone to make our applications easy to use and attractive.

This is a contract position, and we’re located in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can work full time or part time, in our office or remotely, as long as you can get the job done. Pay depends on experience. If you’re interested, send me email. (I’m also open to requests from one man design shops who want to take us on as a client, the most important thing is getting good results.)

Update: I should probably mention the duration of the project. Basically we have several milestones, so the minimum would be a month. There’s no specified end date, as we have lots of features to implement and we could use the right person to help for as long as it takes to implement them.