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Tech tip du jour

When you’re assembling a PC and you’re connecting the power supply to the motherboard, all of the power cables must be connected in order for the PC to power on.


  1. It’s a good thing to check. I used to laugh at the tech support people who would always ask you to check that it your computer was plugged in. Then I did some part-time tech support at the company I was at working at and indeed, “Is it plugged in?” and “Is it turned on?” were always my first two questions. Followed by “Have you tried rebooting?”

  2. man, you tech guys know all the tricks!! 🙂

  3. Heh. Well, don’t feel bad there Rafe. I about panic’d last week after replacing a north-bridge fan with a heat-sink on my main, work PC. The fan had died suddenly, leaving me dead in the water, causing me to pay a good deal to have a heat-sink sent overnight by Federal Express. I felt I was taking a bit of a risk by replacing a fan with just a heat-sink, but others had done it and recommended the approach. Anyway, I turned on the PC. The BIOS flashed a number. And that was it. I thought I’d toasted my motherboard. Turned out that I’d simply forgotten to plug the power leads back into my SATA drives.

    All is well now, but for a few moments I thought it was “new motherboard” time.

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