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Shelley Powers on eMusic

Shelley Powers posted a a brief review of eMusic, which differs from other music downloading services in that the tracks are available in the MP3 format and are unencumbered by DRM of any kind. They offer over 600,000 tracks, although major label current releases seem to be missing (not that there’s anything wrong with that). They offer a two week free trial during which you can download up to 50 tracks, so it sure seems like it’s worth a shot.

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  1. I’ve been using emusic for years, on and off: they used to offer unlimited downloads, which I ofund useful, since I tended to buy in splurges. Then they withdfew that, because some people were leeching the entire database, and I got angry and went away. But I’m back now. Their selection is better and they have the entire Naxos catalogue of paperback classical music, if you’re into that.It’s a real bargain.

    Magnatune is also fun. I really like some of their musicians. Also, they offer a streaming feed, so you can hear before you buy. Set up by the man who founded lyris mailing list software.

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