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Eating out on Valentine’s Day

My wife and I don’t eat out on Valentine’s Day. The anonymous waiter explains why. In the article he refers to Valentine’s Day as “amatuer night.” I heard exactly the same characterization last week from the owner of a nice restaurant where we sometimes eat — “amateur night.” Bottom line, most of the nice restaurants here will be fully booked, they’ll be offering a truncated prix fixe menu with the most boring dishes imaginable, and the most obnoxious customers will be thick on the ground. I rate Valentine’s Day as safe to skip, but I guess it depends on your significant other. I’m happy that my wife understands the downsides of holiday-mandated romace.


  1. It is much simpler and probably more romantic to schedule your Valentine activites on a day other than valentines day. My wife and I usually make reservations at a nice restaurant or B&B either a week earlier, or on the weekend of the holiday and avoid the crowd, the panic, and the inflated pricing for lower service.

    -Randy http://www.4mysales.com

  2. I’m happy that my wife understands the downsides of holiday-mandated romace.

    and the upsides are…??? I feel like my attachment to this holiday ended with highschool, but maybe there was some residue for the first February of each new relationship, after which… pleez. how about holidays with actual personal significance? how about doing something fun, just because it’s romantic?

    onward, ho…

  3. I agree with Randy. The worst time to do something is togetrher with the roaring crowds. This goes for valentine’s day dinner at restaurants. It goes for traveling on holidays as well. The best places are packed, prices go to the roof and the way to and from the location you wish to visit takes much more time due to heavy traffic. In israel, this is particularily evident since we are a small and dense country.

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