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Camino vs. Firefox

I’m giving Camino a try for a few days to see how it compares with Firefox, my old standard. It is a bit prettier than Firefox, although these Firefox themes close the gap to a certain extent. I think the thing that will ultimately drive me back to Firefox is that it’s basically the same on Windows as it is on OS X. The biggest difference I’ve seen so far is the chrome. The biggest pain so far is that the keyboard shortcut that provides access to the built in search engine box differs between the two. I use that box 25 times a day at least. (If you’re using Firefox and you aren’t using it, teach your fingers the Control-K (Command-K on OS X) keyboard shortcut. Your wrists will thank you for the reduced mouse usage.)

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  1. I’ve recently discovered Search Keywords in Firefox. Right-click on a search form, and choose “Add keyword for this search…” and you set up a bookmark with a keyword that will prompt Firefox to use that search.

    So now I can just go to the address bar (Ctrl+L, or more often for me, Ctrl+T for a new tab), and type “g prius mileage” to Google for “prius mileage”; “w tampa bay” to search Wikipedia for Tampa Bay; etc. I’ve got MSDN, IMDB, Amazon, the MySQL docs, delicious. It’s really changed the way I use the browser.

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