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The new golf

So I read the other day that World of Warcraft is the new golf. Are you playing?

I thought it might be fun for people to post the servers where they play. I’ve spent time playing Alliance on Dalaran, Horde on Lightbringer, Horde on Emerald Dream, and I have both Horde and Alliance characters I recently moved to Eitrigg. Right now, when I have time to play, I play my tauren druid on Emerald Dream or my dwarven hunter on Eitrigg.

Other World of Warcraft players, feel free to out yourselves in the comments.

Update: Tom Coates plays, on a European server it looks like.


  1. Allinace on Doomhammer dwarf priest

  2. Alliance Night Elf Warrior on Vek’nilash

  3. I had an Alliance Dwarf Paladin (I just can’t help it), but oddly enough my golf playing cut into my WOW time.

    • Alliance Night Elf Druid on Gorefiend
    • Horde Undead Warrior on Akama
    • Alliance Dwarf Paladin on Gorefiend
    • Alliance Night Elf Rogue on Gorefiend
    • Horde Undead Warlock on Akama
    • Human Warrior on Chromaggus
    • Alliance Warrior on Eitrigg (and in the same guild 🙂

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