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I’ve created a link blog for your feed consuming pleasure. For lack of a better name, it’s called Of Interest. You can read it in your browser, but it’s really meant to be read in your RSS/Atom reader of choice. You can subscribe to an Atom feed or an RSS feed. I also have a del.icio.us account that I use, but that’s mainly for bookmarking.

I feel like regular Movable Type entries are kind of heavy, and I wanted a place to just be able to quickly toss up links with minimal commentary. One thing I want to write more about is how different kinds of writing environments encourage different kinds of writing. I feel like everything change I’ve made to rc3.org since the beginning has encouraged longer entries. The link blog sort of goes back to the original spirit of the site, which was more about quick links to things other people wrote. We’ll see how it works out.

Update: Several people (including the first commenter on this item) noticed that when they subscribed to the Of Interest RSS feed, the items linked back to my Web site rather than to the item being discussed. That’s because some aggregators link to the link element, while others link to the guid element. I set the guid to a URL at my Web site and the link to the item itself at first, but that was causing problems for some users. Now both elements point to the actual item being linked to, so once your aggregator downloads the latest version of the feed, you should get the results you expect.

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  1. Just a notion: The headlines and links in the feed point back to rc3.org/ofinterest/blahblahblah rather than to the link’s actual url, which means to follow them readers of your rss need to load the rc3.org of interest page, then bounce along to the actual thing you’re pointing out. Is streamlining the process and linking directly to the item of interest possible?

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