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Who’s worse, Bush 43 or Reagan?

Matthew Yglesias says Ronald Reagan. Mark Schmitt says George W Bush. Josh Marshall says Geore W Bush. I’m going to go with the elder statesmen here and say George W Bush. Forget Democrats. I think that after Reagan’s eight years in office, most Republicans and indepents would have said that America was better off. Something tells me in 2009 they’ll be saying something different.


  1. Reagad some reprehensible moments, but it seemed to me that he spent his time with the Soviets looking for paths to peace. Yes, that included funding undesirable elements such as the Afghani Mujahadeen, etc.

    But, his instinct was for dialog and negotiation, and the personal connection he forged (against the advice if the Rumsfelds/Cheneys of his cabinet)with Gorby did in some way help end the cold war stalemate.

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