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Many people are ingrates

The other day over on Of Interest I linked to an <a href=”interesting post from an Adobe developer explaining why rolling out an Intel-native version of Photoshop is a lot of work. Today I visited the page again in order to get the URL to post somewhere, and happend to skim the comments. Some of the commenters had interesting things to say, but a lot of them just wanted to whine, accuse the guy wrote the post of incompetence, or accuse him of lying to cover up an Adobe scheme to wring more money out of customers. I love transparency and the idea that markets are a conversation, but it really sucks to have a conversation with jerks.

If people want to read interesting posts from vendors on weblogs, they should probably not flame them hairless whenever they actually do post something.


  1. I read the post and the comments this morning. I, too, was impressed with his straightforward explanation. There will always be some ingrates, but my bigger thought was that most people (including many in the industry) just do not understand the complexity of managing a complex and mature software application.

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