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Political reading on the wane again

I am once again trying to keep up with too many feeds, and it’s time to pare down. This time, I’m removing most of my few remaining feeds from sites about politics. It’s not that I don’t care, but rather that I just don’t have any more energy for more of the same every day. I know exactly which politicians I support, and if they do anything really noteworthy, I’ll find out about it from news sites.

Political sites serve a different purpose, which is to tell you how to think about the news. I can figure that out for myself, or if something interesting crops up, I can always go check with the blogs. I think more than anything I’m giving in due to fatigue. I just can’t read any more posts analyzing the proper political response to the day’s events or what kind of messages politicians need to be delivering. Good luck Democrats in 2006, you have my vote and my money. What I don’t need is the hand wringing and amateur political strategizing. And what I certainly don’t need is a daily avalanche of spin.

I’ll go ahead and name names. Feeds that are departing for now: Juan Cole, The Plank, Think Progress, and Talking Points Memo (I’d keep it if it were a full text feed). That seems like relatively few feeds, but they are all high traffic.

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  1. You can also get the Cliff’s Notes edition of prog political blogs

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