Courtesy of Billmon:

Let’s see. We’ve got: Israeli Jews fighting Lebanese Shi’a and Palestinian Sunnis; Palestinian Fatah militants who’ve stopped fighting Hamas militants, but only because they’re both fighting the Israelis; Saudi Sunni fundamentalists issuing fatwas against Hezbollah Shi’a fundamentalists; Egyptian Sunni fundamentalists backing those same Hezbollah Shi’a fundamentalists; Iraqi Sunnis killing Iraqi Shi’a and vice versa; Iraqi Shi’a (the Mahdi Army) jousting with Iraqi Shi’a (the Badr Brigade); Iraqi Kurds trying to push Sunni Arabs and both Sunni and Shi’a Turkomen out of Kirkuk; Turks threatening to invade Kurdistan; Iranians allegedly shelling Kurdistan, Syrian Kurds rebelling against Syrian Allawites who are despised by Syria’s Sunni majority but allied with the Lebanese Shi’a who are hated and feared by the House of Saud and its Sunni fundamentalist minions. Oh, and American and Israeli neocons threatening to bomb both Syria and Iran.

This sort of relates to something I’ve been wondering about. I see a lot of people speak with confidence about who’s ordered Hezbollah’s attacks on Isreael, but they all seem to be saying different things. Some people say Hezbollah is acting on its own, others claim they attacked under orders from Syria, and still others hold the Iranians responsible. Does anybody really know the answer? I think that the assertions most people make reflect their wishful thinking more than any special knowledge of Hezbollah’s foreign policy.