I think he’s exactly right when he says:

It is not clear that bloggers had much real impact on the Connecticut primary, but they’re a new wild card in the political process, and that makes them a story. I have always appreciated the fierce independence of bloggers, and I fear that, as they accumulate influence, they’ll be co-opted in the classic capitalist way. (As soon as bloggers really influence elections, Rupert Murdoch will begin buying them by the long ton.)

It seemed to me unwise for Markos Moulitsas to have starred in a TV campaign commercial for Lamont. It seems he wants to be a Player, and being a Player is not compatible with fierce independence. Experience suggests that, somewhere along the line, there’s a price for seeking power. The price could be a loss of credibility, or a cringe-inducing compromise, or something else. I’m not saying it’s happened or it will happen; I’m saying that’s what experience suggests.