Since everyone else seems to be blogging their voting experiences, I figured I’d do so as well. I voted at lunchtime today, and at my polling place there was no line. I asked the poll worker about turnout and she said it was pretty good. (I was the 169th person to vote in my precinct.) It’s rainy here, but there were still a couple of greeters outside urging us to vote for Democrats in local elections. The poll workers were, as usual, some older ladies and gentlemen, but there was one woman wandering around behind the tables. I suspect that she was a monitor of some kind, but have no idea.

In our precinct, we have optical scan ballots, but oddly enough, the machines are different than they were last time I voted (either 2005 or the Democratic primary, I can’t remember). Now we have an oval to fill in rather than an arrow to complete with a line. That was slightly confusing to one of the other voters. There was also an elderly woman there who had to get help voting the straight Democratic ticket and in favor of a big school bond issue that’s on the ballot.

It always feels good to vote, and hopefully I’ll feel better about the results tonight than I have for the past six years.