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Scott Adams is an idiot

A wry commentator on office life, he may be, but he should probably reserve his opinions on politics. His assessment of the Presidency:

I doubt Bill Gates is considering a run for president right now, largely because it’s so hard to make a difference from that job.

You’d think that Adams had been living under a rock these past six years. There are several million people in Iraq who I’m sure would be happy to tell him how big a difference George W Bush has made in their lives.


  1. OK–maybe he means “Make a positive difference.”

  2. This is a comment rationalization – I know many people, who aren’t particularly engaged in keeping tabs on politics, politicians, and the media, who’ll just shrug and say: “oh, the President doesn’t really have any power anyway.” I’m not sure quite when this meme infiltrated the mass consciousness (I’m guessing in the 80s) — but it’s insidious and can be persuasive for those who don’t understand that, for example, virtually every government agency they deal with at the federal level is part of the Executive branch.

    I don’t think Scott Adams is that ignorant – but I do think he’s probably that apathetic.

  3. Common! A common rationalization! Gah… amusingly freudian, tho. 😉

  4. The president has lots of power. It just isn’t the kind of dictatorial power that Bill Gates might like. Compare what Clinton was able to accomplish with Bush’s performance with his party in control of both house and senate. Politically, Bush can’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Clinton was really good at it and it drove people nuts. The power takes skill to wield. Some people have it and some don’t and others might be just getting a hang of it when Term Limits kick in.

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