Adobe evangelist Andrew Shebanow puts forth an argument:

So if you are looking to build a cross-platform application without making those kinds of investments, what are your choices? Basically, you can use HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and/or use the Flash/Flex environment. With Apollo, Adobe is trying to bring those two worlds closer together and bring those technologies to the desktop, and eventually Apollo applications will be able to crossover to the mobile side as well. I personally find this a lot more exciting than a world full of non-portable applications. And Flash/Apollo can make applications with UIs that are as compelling as those of OS X and Vista. (I could make the argument that recent developments in OS X and Vista are really just attempts to bring Flash-style user experiences to the native OS, but that’s a topic for another day.)

This comes after he dismisses Java as basically being too sucky, which I have a hard time arguing with. I hate the idea of replacing good Web interfaces built with HTML and JavaScript with Flash, but the idea of creating desktop (and mobile) applications in Flash is more compelling.

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