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Why my link blog is dead

I loved the link blog. Short, sweet entries, simple layout, utter elegance. But very few people subscribed to it, so I’m moving all of the action back to the main blog, which gives me the benefit of doing more pull quoting. I made this decision last week, but then I saw what Jason Kottke had to say today:

When I compared the number of subscribers to the main feed to the number subscribing to the remaindered feed, the main feed number was nearly 3 times higher. Even worse is when I looked at my server logs for the feeds (I stopped looking at my stats months ago)…visits to the main feed are outpacing visits to the remaindered feed 5:1. Which means that somewhere between 75-85% of the people who are reading kottke.org via RSS aren’t even getting most of what’s on the site!

Exactly. Rather than merging the two feeds, though, I’m just putting all the content on the main weblog for now.


  1. I, for one, will be sad to see the Of-Interest link site go away. I found that you posted to it much more often than this main site and I’ve come across a number of very good links in there.

    I hope you will re-consider starting it up again.

  2. Thanks for bringing more content back here. There are enough places that dump links. I read rc3 because you seem to think about what you’re posting and add context to whatever you’re linking. I didn’t find the link blog very engaging. Why not just use del.icio.us?

  3. I plan on posting all the stuff I was posting to the link blog here, except with maybe a bit more commentary and more pull quoting.

    For what it’s worth, I do use del.icio.us as well. (My username there is rafeco.) I just post stuff there that’s mainly for personal use.

    The upshot of this is that the posting frequency here on the main blog is going to go way up.

  4. yay on all fronts! yay for content, all at Rafe central!

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