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Anthony Bourdain reviews Food Network personalities

Love Bourdain. Watch more Food Network than I’d care to admit (seems he suffers from the same condition). Agree with 95% of what he writes in this review.


  1. This is the single greatest thing I have EVER seen! I was literally laughing out loud at my desk while reading it! And I TOTALLY agree! Especially about the Mario and Sandra Lee parts! Oh hell…I esp agree with ALL of them! Thanks Rafe!!

  2. I’m vaguely horrified at myself that I know of most of the people he’s writing about.

    Find Rachael (yum-o!) annoying, but Oprah’s bankrolling and supporting her, so what’re you gonna’ do?

    And, hey, don’t be dissin’ on my man Alton – one can learn a lot from that dude.

    And it’s true, I find Bobby Flay annoying — if I were a focus group, I’d twist the little dial towards the negatives. But I did see one of those “Throwdown” shows and thought it was amusing (if unbelievable.)

    Note that NO Food Network show is on my ‘watch regularly’ list. (Good Eats used to be, but now I only catch it sporadically. ICA, the same.) And yet, somehow, I have a sense of all these personalities and even have strong opinions about some of them. Wtf? The Food Network has somehow INFILTRATED MY BRAIN!

  3. I always enjoy Tony’s insights and have to agree on his assessments of the current Food Network lineup. Sandra Lee is downright scary. And what ever happened to Bobby Flay’s sidekick from Grillin and Chillin? I want to learn something new when watching the Food Network not see a show rehashing the meals my mom made.

  4. alton brown..intelligent but it is like being in school too much to digest and too much shtick…..paula deen puts licked fingers in food and way to much fat……….rachel ray is sweet but one can get gas from all the spice and onions in baked beans and everything else before even eating itSame goes for giada …cheese even for desert………Emeril…his nose runs from hot food….( does not everyones?)…..All the womens hair hanging into food and the jewelry with all the germs…ugh………Enough cheese and spice already………Goodness knows what restaurants do when we are not looking Whatever you want to say about sandra.. she is neat but it is strictly show biz…for all of them…………Sandra should be a decorator..or party consultant(not with food but decoration) Paula loves to use suggestive remarks and loves the attention she should be an actress..my favorites are..Tyler florence The Ultimate……Barefoot Contessa…great cook…The Hearty boys….Chef af home…..sara moulton………No show offs……just good cooking………..

  5. I have no clue of what the ^&?/## Sandra OMG all of what she does is common sence any one can find in a womans day or a cook book I mean who dosent use on the shelf products and spruce them up?Good eats is entertaining, esp. when he brings in all the personalities. Emeril, I find him to be sentered on the same type of food , It would be great if he realy got into Italian cookery.And Racheal I can tell what she is saying with the mute on, on the telavision, But she is cute and the kids love her.I always enjoy Paula and the barefoot contesa.Down to earth and explainations are simple and vivid.All time favorite is Diners, Driveinns and Dives, Real People making real food

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