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The MySQL conference

I almost never go to industry events, but next I’m really going to try to go to the MySQL conference. This year’s conference sounds like it was great, and MySQL seems to be the one constant in every project I work on.

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  1. …which is too bad, because it is not a very good DB for heavy-lifting.

    My current project adds about 1.5 – 2 million rows to our db per month; without reliable triggers and stored procs managing the data inserts, this would’ve been difficult if not impossible.

    The data is important enough that we need to know when/if an insert fails instead of having the DB silently destroy the data (yes, yes, MySQL does that with the right settings turned on, but not by default–this is unacceptable). Not to mention that the Tsearch2 add-on blows anything I understand MySQL has out of the water.

    Is there a way for MySQL to show the top 10 root* keywords over 25 million records without taking forever and using terrabytes of memory?

    * Meaning: dogs, dog, doggy are all -> dog

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