Strong opinions, weakly held

From the mouths of sportswriters

Peter King from Sports Illustrated, quoted, as they say, for truth:

I want to say this with all due respect, because I’m an animal lover. But I wish there would be as much hand-wringing over the 3,376 American fatalities in Iraq than there is over the death of Barbaro.

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  1. I have to disagree- there have been thousands of protests around the country, there have been memorials everywhere, there have been thousands of newspaper articles, hundreds of hours of talk shows, radio shows, etc. etc. etc. about America in Iraq and our troops dying. Barbaro is but a ripple in the sea of hand-wringing over the loss of American troops.

    Perhaps King means among his fellow sportswriters? But Barbaro is part of sports, and, except for Pat Tillman, the Americans dead in Iraq are not.

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