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Liberate the blazer

Did you know that the NFL wanted to prohibit San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Nolan from wearing a suit or blazer on the sidelies when he coaches, and that only under duress did they submit to letting him wear a Reebok-approved suit during two games last year? They’ve restricted him to two games in a suit this year as well, because Reebok gives the NFL millions of dollars in exchange for players and coaches wearing the company’s clothes. One of my favorite sports-related memories is seeing Tom Landry patrol the sidelines in a suit during Dallas Cowboys games, but that tradition has been killed on the altar of corporate sponsorship.

Anyway, a group is 49ers fans is planning to wear business suits to the team’s home opener in support of the coach’s sartorial quest. I love the idea.

Update: Clearly NFL commissioner Roger Goodell feels the power that is rc3.org, and today ruled that Mike Nolan and Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio can wear suits to all of their home games. As far as I know, Roger Goodell wears a suit to work every day.


  1. Yeah, the whole idea of coaches in sweats on the sideline is completely lame. If anything, the NFL should be running towards anything that would restore some class to the league. Even if the thug thing is overblown, there is still an image problem.

  2. If I never saw Bill Belichick in a hoodie with the sleeves cut off again, it would be too soon.

  3. I prefer the old school suit look, too. Then again, I liked having stadiums named after local heroes, landmarks, and such. The NFL is bringing in billions of dollars a year by selling out to corporate sponsors. You can hardly blame them.

  4. @James:

    Yes, you CAN blame them. Never should financial interests of the already wealthy prevent us from holding people to normal standards. If we quit lamenting things such as Quicken Loans Arena, we, ourselves, have been officially purchased, along with our local stadiums. I understand that money is a strong motivator, but there was a time when class, dignity, and respect were stronger motivators. The sooner we quit holding people to that standard, the sooner our children will be raised not knowing there was a difference.

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