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Early word on the iPhone

The early verdict on the iPhone seems to be: believe the hype. It got a blessing from Walt Mossberg, which is the most coveted positive review in the world of computers and gadgets.

Update: Valleywag attempts to add up a consensus.


  1. I was thinking about passing on the iPhone, but the plans have me reconsidering. I could pay for an iPhone in a year for the difference in the Verizon Plan I currently have with my Motorola Q and the comparable AT&T plan for the iPhone. I know that the iPhone will be tons better than the Q.

  2. Yeah, once you have the SQL crowd on your side… (check your link)


  3. If AT&T had better service that worked through the wireless-hating walls of my office building I’d be all over the iPhone. Alas. I’ve been impressed with the reviews so far, though. I have to say I’m still skeptical about the keyboard. Autocorrection software has never gotten along with me.

  4. Yeah, AT&T’s coverage blows at my office.

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