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I am the perfect iPhone customer

In attempt to justify to myself not only the cost of the iPhone but also the hassle of obtaining one on Friday if possible, I have put together a list of reasons why I am the perfect iPhone customer:

  • My primary use for my mobile phone is making and receiving calls, but I don’t make that many calls. I’m not a heavy cell phone user. I don’t see the lack of voice dialing and the lack of useful speed dial bothering me. They’re not really features I depend on (or in the case of voice dialing, even use).
  • I am already a ATT Wireless (formerly Cingular) customer. So even though their network sucks, it’s not like I’ll feel like I’m missing out on something.
  • The voice mail on the iPhone is purported to be light years better than regular voice mail. That is a killer feature for me. I hate most existing voice mail interfaces so badly that I can barely stand to use them. I am very much looking forward to voice mail with a decent user interface. (I use Callwave for voice mail now, so my voice mail just goes to my email inbox.)
  • The number one feature I’d like on a new mobile phone is the ability to read email. I use Gmail for everything these days, so the iPhone is probably the perfect device to provide access to it.
  • The number two feature I’d like is a real web browser. Every review says the iPhone’s web browser is excellent. My current phone’s web browser is non-existent. That’s a win.
  • The iPhone offers Wifi support. I am usually at home or in my office, both of which have Wifi that I have access to. So I’d probably be using the iPhone on those networks most of the time. On the other hand, those are also environments where I have access to a computer, so I’m not sure how much I’d need the iPhone in those situations.
  • Perhaps the big liability of the phone is that it has the virtual keyboard, but I’ve never had a phone with a real keyboard, so again, the iPhone won’t suffer by comparison. I have certainly never come to enjoy entering text with the phone keypad on the phones that I’ve had.

Laura Lemay says she’s not buying an iPhone. She already has a smart phone she paid a lot for, she’s very much used to its keyboard, and she’s wary of first generation Apple products. Makes sense to me.

I have never owned a smart phone, some of the iPhone’s features look killer to me, and I never buy first generation anything, so I’m going to give it a shot. Besides, my birthday is coming up.


  1. Please keep us posted with how it’s working out for you!

  2. One thing I’m not clear on, from the ads, is the web interface. It sems to either show stuff tiny or let you zoom in, but for Gmail, wouldn’t I want to have a normal size brozer (zoomwise) that was full screen on their little screen? I don’t want to just zoom into the text edit iframe, or what ahve you, but maybe I don’t get it yet. I expect to se ea lot of iPhones at work next week…

  3. You might want to check out the combo of a Nokia n800/RAZR (or insert other cheap/free bluetooth-enabled phone here). I was hanging out with Jamais recently and I was pretty impressed with his. The display (at 800×480!) is awesome.

    It’s only single-touch, and it does not have a phone internally (though it does have 802.11), and it’s not as sexy, but damn it was cool. Plus: Linux!

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