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What’s it like to drive a car that was featured on posters plastered over thousands of bedroom walls in the eighties? Edmunds.com is finding out, having purchased a used 1984 Ferrari 308 and subjecting it to a long term road test. Consistently fascinating.

Firefox seems to be picking up market share like crazy in Europe.

Saifedean Ammous writes about the right of return for Palestinians at 3quarksdaily. Be sure and check out the first comment for a powerful counterpoint as well.

At risk of giving more ammunition to my vegetarian friends, I post a link to this document in which Safeway pledges not to package their meat so that it doesn’t look rotten even after it starts to rot.


  1. I like the bit where the Ferrari barely beats a minivan away from a light. Cars have come a long way since 1984. Also, the pervasive smell of gas, which is the thing I really hate about classic cars – they’re terrible smog polluters and shouldn’t be driven daily, especially in the city, even if they get decent mileage (which I doubt this Ferrari does).

  2. When I was in college, a local safeway was exposed for “pressing” meat; basically such that old, grey meat had its juiced concentrated on the outer layers and appeared red in the package. Then when you cut it, grey inside. I’d noticed this several times. Basically I stopped buying meat at Safeway at that point. Never looked back, and this is just the kind of thing I expect from them.

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