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Links for July 25

I’ve been following the outage at the 365 Main data center in San Francisco. The speculation as to why the backup generators did not prevent the power outage from taking down some of the colo rooms in the data center is really interesting. Valleywag has blanket coverage of the story. Data center knowledge has a good explanation of the flywheel UPS technology that 365 Main uses, and how the outage might have caused it to fail.

Yahoo has released a cool extension for the Firebug debugging tool called YSlow that grades Web pages on download speed. If you want to raise your YSlow grade, you can follow Jeremy Zawodny’s instructions on adding good Expires headers with Apache.

Pakistani-American novelist Mohsin Hamid offers his explanation of why the United States is resented (and admired) overseas. Jim Henley explains that there are many complications involved with the “withdraw to Kurdistan” often bandied about as a potential next step in Iraq.

Weekly World News is shutting its doors.

And the obligatory iPhone link of the day describes the installation of the ssh server on an iPhone.

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