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How’s the iPhone?

Looks like the current reactions to the iPhone are about what I expected. People who are used to the Blackberry or other smart phones are annoyed by the features that they have to give up when using the iPhone. (See Dave Winer’s review.) People who have never carried a smart phone tend to be quite pleased with the iPhone experience. I imagine that’s was Apple’s goal. Rather than try to win over the hardcore Blackberry addicts, they wanted to build a smart phone for the much larger group of people who still haven’t jumped into the smart phone pond.

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  1. It convinced this person “who still haven’t jumped into the smart phone pond” to jump on the “old” nokia 770–802.11 + blueTooth + debian linux (bash, opera, perl, vi, sshd, busybox, etc…), $140.00. no cell -> no fees.

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