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SCO loses

From the “About damn time” file comes the news that SCO has had its claims on owning the copyright for various pieces of Unix shot down in federal court.

In the 102-page ruling, the judge, Dale A. Kimball, also said Novell could force SCO to abandon its claims against I.B.M., which SCO had sued. Judge Kimball’s decision in favor of Novell could almost entirely undermine SCO’s 2003 lawsuit against I.B.M.

The ruling could remove the cloud over open-source software like Linux, an operating system loosely modeled on the proprietary Unix. The unresolved ownership has been seen as a limiting factor in the willingness of computing managers for businesses large and small to adopt open-source software, which can be adapted freely by software developers and can be legally shared or modified by end users.

Now hopefully SCO can file for bankruptcy and disappear forever.


  1. Wally Hartshorn

    August 11, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    Someone please explain to the New York Times that if it isn’t “S.C.O.” then it shouldn’t be “I.B.M.” It’s “SCO” and “IBM”; welcome to the 21st century (or, for that matter, the 1990s)!

  2. Clearly they need to lubricate and repack their ro-bots and computators!

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