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Apple just gave me $100

Apple has just announced a $100 payback to people who bought iPhones at yesterday’s price. You have to spend it on Apple stuff, but I’m OK with that.

I wasn’t really angered by the price cut, anyway. I mean I would have loved to pay $200 less for the iPhone, but I was willing to pay the price they were charging at the time, so what would be the point of complaining now? Electronics get cheaper, sometimes very quickly.


  1. Well, you’re a better man than I if the price cut didn’t bug you 😉

    While your final sentence is true, it doesn’t apply here. They get cheaper because of reasons like competition, scaling in manufacturing, etc. The iPhone just got cheaper because Apple, having already a couple of hundred million dollars at the old price which helped manage demand, has sufficient product to support faster uptake. Not that I mind, I have a small stake in AAPL with a basis of about 7% of its current price, but it was purely charging what the traffic will bear.

    And at $299, the 4 Gb iPhone looks pretty appealing. Wonder if those hackers have worked out how to increase the storage?

  2. Thank you, Rafe, for not freaking out about the price drop.

  3. If I had a spare A$100 right now, I’d get their new USB keyboard, the one that comes with the iMac. My mom got a new iMac, and I must say, it’s the nicest (non-ergo) keyboard I’ve ever used…

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