Former Bush administration foot soldier Jack Goldsmith has written a book saying that the Bush administration has gone too far in expanding its power and shirking accountability. That says something.

Disgraced former New York Times reporter Judith Miller has found a new job at a conservative think tank.

Old software never dies.

Texas Monthly digs into the case of the border patrol agents who were prosecuted for shooting a drug dealer and trying to cover it up. This story is a really outstanding piece of reporting.

The Washington Post published a story on wrapping up production of the final episode of The Wire. I haven’t even seen season four yet and I already miss the show. Jason Kottke posted some interesting stuff about The Wire as well.

The No Hand King is a local micro-celebrity. I found his URL because he painted it on a sheet and hung it in front of his house.

Obligatory tech link: a huge table of JVM options.