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Sophia from Kid Nation assesses President Bush

I watched some of the new TV show Kid Nation tonight, and happened to find a gem on the bio page for one of the cast members, Sophia:

Who have been some of the worst U.S. presidents, and why?

I think George W. Bush takes the cake. The planet is disintegrating, we’re fighting an unnecessary war, millions are without health care, the school system has gone down the toilet, the country is billions of dollars in debt, the world seems to be headed on a path towards destruction, and America’s hypocrisy is mocked by many nations. I think that merits recognition.

Or here’s 9 year old Alex answering the same question:

George W. Bush, for leading us into a war without checking his facts first and for not having a clear plan prior to the invasion. He also suppressed anyone who wanted to question his decisions, which is against the American concept of free speech. William Harrison because he was too stupid to wear a coat at his inauguration speech, and caught pneumonia and died without doing anything in office.

On the other hand we have Taylor, with the red state perspective:

Since I’m only 11 & Bush has been Pres. for the last 7 years then I asked my family & friends to tell me about some past presidents and their opinions. This is what we came up with. Bill Clinton because he lowered the country’s moral. Jimmy Carter because he gave away the Panama Canal.

From a fellow Georgian, that’s got to hurt. Who knew anyone was still worked up about the Panama Canal?


  1. I think Colton said it best:

    What are your political views? I feel that no matter who you vote for someone is always going to disagree with the President’s judgment.

    This question is more of a who is worse, Bush or Clinton. All of these kids are 15 and under which means that all they know about politics are Bush and Clinton, and then most of them likely only really know Bush. I was alive during Carter, Ford and Nixon but I couldn’t really tell you how they compared to Reagan, GH Bush, Clinton or GW Bush.

  2. I thought Sophia was very bright and certainly cute, well in light of her comments on our president now I think she is another brain-washed kid.

  3. I thought Sophia was very bright and certainly cute, well in light of her comments on our president now I think she is another brain-washed kid.

  4. Hey, I’m 16, I know plenty about politics and I’ve known plenty since at least 8th grade. It’s weird, though not terribly surprising given the age gap, that you adults are all so surprised and impressed by the behavior of the kids on the show, when a lot of it was more or less what I expected. Sophia’s and Alex’s articulation (I initially typed articulateness, ha!) do seem out of the ordinary to me, but then again, Colorado Springs is chock-full of kids who love and righteously defend Bush just because their parents do, too.

  5. i may be 14 but i study a lot of american history so i have something to say, i know people just want to jump on the ‘hate bush’ bandwagon, a lot of people do this without looking at how bad he’s screw our country. i’m a canadian & american citizen but i live in the states, and i see how bad the state the US is right now another thing, that sophia’s got it straight, taylor however just sounds like a general republician baby who loves bush for the only reason that she can’t think her way out of a moral bag, no bad comments to southern folk though

  6. I’ve just noticed that CBS has removed Sophia’s comment about George Bush. It’s no longer on her bio. Interesting.

  7. Go Sophia! Absolutely spot-on with your comments on Bush. Sad when the President of the United States is as intellectually challenged, as dissembling, as lying, as dishonest, and as incompetent as this American president is. Even the youth of our nation can figure it out!

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