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Two Minutes Hate

What is it with conservatives and the anger, lately? On a serious note, we find conservatives putting a concerted effort into debunking the life story of a 12 year old who claims to have benefited from a government health insurance program. Conservative bloggers have adopted the tactics used to attack John Kerry’s military service and applied them to a kid and his family who support a position that they dislike. Today the LA Times reports on conservative anger over which dates are commemorated by alterations to the Google logo. It seems like there should be more to existence than just looking for excuses to let hatred well up in your gut. (Yes, the title of this post is an Orwell reference.)


  1. As crass as it sounds, they have no incentive to not act that way. They feel their tactics are successful.

  2. When democrats hide behind a 12 year old to push their agenda, who gets caught in the middle when republicans attack that agenda? Surprise! The 12 year old.

    This is no more of a surprise than the sun coming up every morning. There is just as much nastiness on the right as there is on the left.

  3. I am not quite yet beyond surprise. When President Bush set up the big photo op with the “snowflake babies” I don’t recall reading about any Democrats who set out to prove that the parents of those babies were unfit.

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