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More on BitTorrent and convenience

Earlier this week I posted about how many people use file sharing because the experience is so much better than the experience provided by people selling goods that can be downloaded. To further bolster my case, I offer this anecdotal evidence:

What was astounding: a full 80 percent of those we talked to (in all, about 30 people) said that despite grabbing Leopard off BitTorrent, they a) had already ordered a copy that wasn’t in yet, or b) were planning on buying one regardless. In other words, BitTorrent activity was high, but as we have seen so often, it’s not indicative of how many people are taking Leopard without paying for it.

As one user said, “BitTorrent delivers faster than FedEx, dude.”


  1. I downloaded God using bittorrent.

    It was only 2GB.

  2. @ Ibod

    Clever. Somehow, I was unimpressed.

    @ All

    BitTorrent is only “faster” because the ISO was leaked by someone. If you start the race at the same time, buying a copy from the Store will be faster. Unless the seeder has a 100MB up connection, 6.5GB is going to take a while. You also need to UNRAR all the files, mount it, then install. The DVD you get from the store – just boot from it and you’re ready to go.

  3. BitTorrent is faster when

    1. The guaranteed delivery is mishandled and many people don’t get their DVD on time and Apple mishandles the developer network release.
    2. The release of the gold master on torrent networks is simultaneously with the journalist preview deliveries. I had Leopard running on Wednesday night.

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