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Registration for commenters enabled

I think I’ve finally gotten registration and authentication working for the old blog here, so now you should be able to register for a local account if you like or sign in using OpenID, Vox, and so forth. There are also plugins available for AOL and WordPress, I’ll probably set those up as well. Hopefully this will make life a bit easier for the regulars and for people with their own blogs who want to associate comments with their OpenID.

Update: I also fixed a lot of other random breakage left over from upgrading to Movable Type 4 (which sadly happened quite a while ago now). I’ve also got Movable Type working with memcached, and the next item on my list is to figure out if I can make the search feature perform better.

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  1. I recently enabled OpenID for my blog, but haven’t seen folks using it. There’s probably some user education that need to be done.

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