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More on Obama’s economics

Andrew Leonard posts today about Barack Obama’s views on economics. It’s the best analysis I’ve yet seen of Obama’s economic philosophy, and is a bit of a deeper look than the one provided in the New York Times article I’ve linked to a couple of times. Leonard describes Obama’s economic orientation as left-libertarian, which probably describes my own general outlook pretty well.

As you can probably guess, I really dig this stuff, so links to similar articles on any of the remaining viable candidates are much appreciated. On that note, you’d better post any Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee notes tonight, because by tomorrow evening those guys will be toast.


  1. Oh, don’t count the Mittster out just yet. He may pull it off with his wallet…

  2. Wow. If Mitt and the Huckster drop, that could make things interesting. When the remaining states vote, who would those on the Republican side who at least call themselves “conservative” vote for? McCain? Could they? It sure would be interesting to see what would happen if their only choice was between Ron Paul and McCain.

  3. I’m not a Republican but I can see myself voting for Ron Paul over Hillary, if those were my choices.

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