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Live blogging the first Presidential Debate

Live blogging of the first Presidential Debate.


  1. Anyone feel there were clear winners/losers tonight?

  2. This was great – thanks for hosting. If the TiVo was a pita we had great luck with the CBS stream

  3. Nobody on the news seems to mention it, but my favorite moment in the debate was when McCain impetuously tossed out the idea of a spending freeze, and Obama said McCain wants to use a hatchet when we need a scalpel. I’m surprised that bit didn’t stick with anyone else.

  4. The hatchet/scalpel bit was good. I did see it repeated somewhere .. might have been in one of Andrew Sullivan’s posts or recaps.

  5. The only losers last night were the American people because one of those men are going to be our next President. I was extremely disappointed in both candidates.

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