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Evidence that we should not freak out, episode I

Paul Krugman has argued that bank recapitalization is the most logical response to the financial crisis, and in his column today he credits UK prime minister Gordon Brown for leading the world down that path. The Dow is up almost 600 points right now, so maybe the markets like that move.


  1. The markets aren’t the only thing that thinks Krugman knows what he’s talking about. He was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. I always thought he was just a glorified blogger who happened to know the password to the NYTimes. Apparently he has more credibility than I realized.

  2. Shouldn’t this be episode III? 😉

  3. No, it’s episode I of evidence that we shouldn’t freak out. New sequence.

  4. Indeed it is, I’m clearly not very observant. 🙂

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