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Flush Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, a first term Congresswoman from Minnesota, is perhaps the stupidest person in the United States House of Representatives (and that’s saying a lot). I already knew she was an idiot, but the performance she turned in on Hardball today confirms that she really has no business serving in government. (Hilzoy has the details.)

I donated $25 to her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, and I’d recommend others do so as well.


  1. I sent in $25 myself, and in fact, Bachmann, plus the disgusting Robo-Hate calls just released, motivated me to send another $100 to Obama, even though I just sent him $50 yesterday.

    I was elated to hear on Rachel Maddow’s show that Tinklenberg received over $30,000 in 6 hours because of Bachmann’s idiotic remarks.

  2. On Sat morning he’s raised over 70K in less than 24 hours. THAT is a great thing. This Little Miss McCarty needs to be voted out of office. I expect to hear this kind of talk from members of a militia, not from members of congress.

  3. Well done Michele! At long last bringing back the glory days of McCarthism – let’s face it, that was just about the one thing missing from this mess of a campaign. Everyone get your list ready of people you suspect are not “real Americans” – I’ll get the tar, you get the feathers, and let’s get going!

  4. I live in Michigan but watched Michelle in horror last night on Hardball.

    I just sent Tinklenberg $25 to help get her voice of division silenced.

  5. Michele Buchmann is a snake!

  6. Even more moronic and stupid are the people that elected her… Why is it the right wing of the republicans treat YOU the VOTER as an idiot? If yoy believed her, then you are an idiot!

  7. I have just made a contribution to Mr. Tinklenberg from Las Cruces, New Mexico. There is something very dark and sinister about Bachmann.

  8. This woman just doesn’t know when to shut up. From now on, every time she opens her mouth, I’m donating $10 more to Tinklenberg. I’m up to $50 so far. I have a feeling it’s gonna cost me. I may as well just click to send $500 and be done with it.

    I can’t help it. I guess Bachmann would call me a “liberal elitist” with money burn from on of those “anti-American” parts of the country.

  9. … Is Florida anti-American? I’m not sure. Can someone ask the GOP and get back to me? Thanks.

  10. I was so horrified when I heard the Congresswoman from Minnesota channelling Joe McCarthy that I did a search for her opponent, found El Tinklenberg and sent him a modest amount of money.

  11. If I gave money to the opponent of every idiot politician, I’d be broke.

  12. I donated $100 to Tinklenberg! Defeat the wacko!

  13. Freaks elected by even bigger freaks. Sad.

  14. In a survey of her district released last night, she’s down 47-44.

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