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Maybe blogs saved the economy

Here’s the last sentence of a very interesting blog post:

Perhaps what Alan Greenspan needed, back in the day, was a livelier Internet.

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  1. I don’t think these are difficult problems to solve for example we could make money with the so called toxic foreclosures by raffling them off for full cost plus expenses plus add in $100K for the city and state. We could either publish the foreclosures with a unique # online or through publication and 1800# fill out raffle card through local state lottery machine and raffle for $20 to $500 depending on type property. We could do something similar for the auto industry along with having the state provide kiosk machines at each dealership and adding on $1,000 over the full price of the vehicle for the state. We have the choice of selecting a play of $5.00 to $500 depending on the odds. While the economy is a big mess it’s easy to solve using these solutions, we solve problems in corporate America everyday.

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