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Twitter integration with @Anywhere

Twitter has launched a new feature for third party Web sites, @Anywhere, automatically converts Twitter usernames to links with a hover effect that provides information about their Twitter account. I’ve added it to the blog. Here’s an example: @rc3dotorg.

If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to use your Twitter username (with the @) in the Name field in the comment form. Then people will see a link to your Twitter page.

If it slows things down or sucks in any other way, I’ll get rid of it.


  1. Thanks for announcing this. Sounds interesting.

    The hover effect works when I visit your web page directly, but it doesn’t when I read your blog via Google Reader. I wonder whether this can be made to work inside an RSS reader.

    — @johndcook

  2. I believe Google Reader would have to add support for it to work there.

  3. Interesting. This provides extra social network information to Twitter: now they know who reads your blog. (Browsers will submit their twitter.com cookies when they request the javascript.) You could probably add support to Google Reader using Greasemonkey.

  4. I’m sure there’s a greasemonkey script someone threw together yesterday that will do the conversion in Google Reader or other web-based feed readers.


  5. That’s a good catch, Seth. I didn’t think about the privacy implications of adding it.

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